Italy tours

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Separating Italy from the rest of Europe, we find the majestic Alps where skiing lovers can practice their passion within a magic atmosphere. You can even rent a cabin and indulge in some winter relax with a cup of creamy hot chocolate in front of a chimney.

Continuing our tour of Italy, we arrive in the middle of the Po valley where there are several hotspots that stimulate the interest of thousands of tourists every year. Let's start with Milan, the capital city of fashion, of the luxury industry and of the famous movida, which is the night entertainment offered by the numerous clubs and bars. Moving east we find the world famous Venice, the city on the water. Known for its unique architecture and for its gondole, Venice is considered the city of romanticism. If you can be there during the Carnival, where people go around wearing artisan-made costumes, it can only be better! 

Let's not forget that a few kilometers away from Venice, there is the city of Verona, best remembered for the two most famous lovers of history: Romeo and Juliet!

Moving through the center of the "booth", we find the city of Florence. The city of Dante is the place where you can immerse yourself in the middle ages, walking in those stone-paved streets. And if you are lucky, you may even see Roberto Benigni enjoying a walk in his beloved city. 

Our tour of Italy continues with the city that has been baptized "caput mundi", the capital city of the world: Rome. If you like art, food, fun, culture, music, religion, conspiracies, politics, got them all with Rome. Take a walk in Vatican Square, go have a plate of pasta in Trastevere, sit on the stairs of Piazza di Spagna, where the world famous fashion shows are held and then you will start feeling inside yourself what Rome is all about. 

Another city that cannot go unnoticed is Naples, the city which "has a thousands colors", like a famous Italian song says. It is a city with real people and a rich artistic and musical patrimony. Oh yes, it is also the place where pizza was invented but that is totally secondary (yeah right!).

To conclude our Tour of Italy, we arrive in the island of Sicily, a Mediterranean oasis which you will fall in love with. Relaxing on the beach, hiking on the mt. Etna, the tallest European Volcano or simply sitting on a bench looking at the sea, your experience in Sicily will be unforgettable.